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Privacy Policy

We are responsible loan arrangers. We understand the value of our borrowers' privacy. Our privacy policy is a clear indication of this principle. We, at Loans With Installment wish to assure that we do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to protecting our borrowers' interests. The measures that we take in achieving this goal are explained in the following paragraphs.

We do not sell, rent or share the borrowers' details with any third party with the intention of generating income. We do share the data with our lenders who are sincere professionals. We take this step to ensure that we bring the best deals according to the borrowers' preferences.

We also access the data of our borrowers when we have to update them about the changes and additions in our services and policies. We want our borrowers to avail every lucrative offer that we bring for them. That is why we keep them informed.

When our borrowers apply for our services such as the long term payday loans bad credit, we provide them with their personal accounts. For accessing these accounts, we also allot them unique login name and a secret password. We ask them to choose the password and keep it in safe custody.

The unique login information helps in protecting the account from any unwarranted access. No third party can open the accounts of the borrowers without getting clear permission from the latter. Hence, when you need personal loan fast, we will provide you with a safe option for applying for loans.

Applying for our services like the long term payday loans bad credit mandates furnishing of personal details. The borrowers are required to share their names, addresses, e-mail ids and bank account information. We know the sensitivity of these details. Therefore, we use very advanced security application that does not let any unscrupulous third party violate the privacy.

We, at Loans With Installment do not collect any information from the visitors to our site. Hence, you will enjoy completely anonymous stay on our portal. When you need personal loan fast, you can surf through the pages without disclosing who you are.

Please note that you will be accepting cookies on our site when you visit us. These cookies guide us in making desirable improvements on our website. However, you can disable them if you are not comfortable. It will not affect your ability to learn about our services on our site.

Please contact us through the form provided in the Contact Us page if you need more information about our privacy policy.

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